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Anthology 2020

During the pandemic in the spring of 2020, we thought it would be a great time to start our first anthology. We chose the theme of Tornado Alley in memory of the fiftieth anniversary of the Lubbock Tornado of 1970. 

Above the Clouds

Customer Review - Deidra W. Lovegren
5.0 out of 5 stars

An Embarrassment of Literary Riches ❤️

Wildly entertaining collection of short stories, showing all that’s best (and worst) about “what a piece of work is man.” Great range of fresh literary voices!
“Choices” is a personal favorite, as the reader hopes against hope (even in Oklahoma), that the “boy meets girl” archetype actually comes true.

Tornado Alley Anthology 2020 - Final 121


This eclectic anthology features twenty unique stories capturing the theme - Tornado Alley.

The stories spin intriguing tales of the human condition when faced with natural and sometimes supernatural disasters, and range from romance to fantasy, literary fiction to poetry, and science fiction to humor. Jaz, one of our talented members, has created an illustration for each tale.

For the 2020 Battle of the Bards competition, the Caprock Writers and Illustrators Alliance chose the theme of Tornado Alley to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the May 1970 tornado that struck Lubbock, Texas.

Our authors range from Amazon, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors to first-timers just beginning their writing journeys.

Caprock Writers and Illustrators Alliance is an organization of writers and artists dedicated to nurturing our creativity, improving our writing craft, and creating a community of camaraderie and support in the Lubbock area.


To watch the author's interviews about the works offered in the anthology, click  below.

We are very grateful to the following contributors: Vinny Minchillo, Thomas Brodkin, Brad P. Christy, KJ Waters, Dana Starr, Pam Rachiell, John Brock, Annette Reasoner, Jefferson Marshall, Carol Kjar, KT Bond, Jan Lloyd, Kimberlee Mendoza, Barbara Brannon, Eliza Lainn, Dolores Moser, Erin Shaw, Hannah Grim, Wenona Andress, Kim Hunt Harris, Mary Schmidt, and Neal Kleman.