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This year, CWIA is doing something new and more personal. What else could be more personal than your own kitchen? By participating, you can submit up to 5 recipes and will be guaranteed that 1 of your submitted recipes will be published in the book.

Rules for Submission

  • Up to five recipes of personal significance. For each one, be sure to include:

    • Quality picture of the final product​

    • 2-4 sentences to connect the recipe to the author

    • List of ingredients and their measurements

    • Recipe instructions

    • Estimated yield (if known)

  • Editor may correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation without prior notice to the author

  • Editor may (at their discretion) request corrections, changes, and resubmissions by the author for quality/consistency/content purposes, if time allows

  • Author retains all rights to their work

  • Please include a 2-3 sentence bio for the author section

Submission Deadlines

Opens June1, 2023

Closes August 1, 2023

Submission Fees

Members: $10

Non-Members: $20

Step 1: Make Payment
Step 2: Submit
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